Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Smithsonian Quests
I just finished my Smithsonian Quest. I did all 3 quests to get the badge, TimeTraveler. That  badge has to do with the ocean and creatures of the sea. The three Quests neccissary fot this badge are: Predator Pyramid, Sizing Up, and Tale of a Whale. In Predator Pyramid, I had to come up with a new ocean predator from the future. I had to base it off of prehistoric predators. My predator was called the underwater Lizard Bear. I also had to provide a picture of it, so i made one on the computer. in sizing Up, I had to Choose four predators from the Top Predators Timeline I looked at, and I had to compare their size to things from today, such as football feilds, pizzas, soccer nets, and dolpins. In Tale of a Whale, I had to read about Phoenix the Right Whale, and write a mini autobiography on her. Phoenix is a Right Whale, a species that is very endangered.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

U.S. Intervention in Haiti Article:
1. How have the Haitians reacted to the presence of U.S. marines in their country?

    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
   The United States marines have been in Haiti for some time now, and the Haitians have reacted strongly. Haitians really do not like the control that the marines have taken. When they got to Port-au-Prince, the marines put it under marshal law., and they began training a new Haitian militia. The marines invaded Haiti  and the Haitians dot like them being this invasive. Since this control has started, thousands of Haitians have been killed from marine response to resistance.
   The Haitians have responded to all of this very powerfully. Charlemagne Peralte has led a massive resistance movement. The movement is happening because the Haitians are so opposed to the marine control. They feel the American Occupation is insulting them, and oppressing them with taxes. Peralte called US president Woodrow Wilson a hypocrite, and is encouraging Haitians to resist the Americans  Peralte said they gave us "false promises, when they invaded our land, brought in almost four years of continuous insults, incredible crimes, killings, and theft". The Haitians feel firmly about this, and they demand liberation to their territory.
5/22 class
today in class we talked about the worksheets to the Monroe Doctrine, that we did yesterday.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cherokee Poem:

 The Cherokee Indians' Burden

Pile on the Cherokees' Burden
Forced out of their home
Jackson ignored the case
The trail of tears they're going to have to roam
Forced out with only the clothes on their back
We're not savages, we're a nation
Compassion is what Jackson lacks.
"It will benefit the country"
That's what Jackson said
If we're forced to the east
Many will be dead.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oregon Trail game
Everything in this game is done, and works, EXCEPT for the backgrounds.  I have been trying for 6 hours, and i can't get the backgrounds to change, so you cant play the game after the 2nd page.